I spoke at Peterborough’s most renowned church yesterday, Kingsgate. Their notoriety is down to the size of their building (it’s huuuuge!) and amazing media coverage thanks to the BBC and Songs of Praise and a wonderful, most unusual positive rant by Radio 1 shock DJ Chris Moyles who enjoyed watching multiple baptisms at Pentecost as he lazed in bed and flicked the channels and stumbled across one of Kings Gates vibrant services. But above all the media blurb they are a bunch of people who are being used by the One who has much more of an influence than the Beeb in this world.

So, last night I spoke at their youth event called ‘Ignite.’ The young people, 70 or so, engaged with the songs of worship and responded in the most profound way. It was so good to see. God seems to be meeting these youth and asking them to be rescuers for the broken and bruised and to bring His love to them in tehro schools and city. After speaking we spoke words of comfort, strength and encouragement over the young people, some responded and started to pray for each other, others came up to us afterwards and asked how we knew what was on their hearts. God was giving words from His heart to the youth. I am sooooo excited about the fire that will spread from all those who responded and said that they would go and love people… what an honour to see these mighty young people respond and say that they would go into theor schools and bring love in the name of Jesus.

One thought on “Wah! Ummm, hang on, I thought that when it comes down to evangelism young poeple were a bit… a bit, you know, complacent.

  1. Good work Chris. You are equipping the saints for the work of ministry. What else can I say! Love Ben x

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