I’m speaking at the ‘Pioneer Church planting’ course for Scotland ‘Invest’ this week-end.

The course students will meet in Glasgow, at Whitinch Church of Scotland. This church is an amazing bunch of people living out an urban monastery type community.

This is a poem I wrote for this week-end:

Invest- © Chris Duffett 2010

What is it that I’m meant to sow, to invest to plant deep in this claggy peaty dark soil?What should I deposit for the best return, what effort should I make and for what purpose for the toil? 

What should I give? Half, quarter or whole? What if I place 100% of all that I am, like a grain of wheat, bury myself down deep,

If I die within the soil of the purposes of God, bury myself hid in Christ, it is then I will reap

Reap changed lives, cities, towns, villages white and light, healed renewed with Jesus like fame,

So, here is my investment, my me, my all, my every thing, enlist me, I sign for the cause, I give my name.

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