In Peterborough there is a huge shopping centre. It has all the major department stores

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inside: M&S, Boots, Waitrose, Argos, the lot… they have set up two Christmas scenes. One is lifeless and has mannequins drapped in brown hessian cloth behind a brown wooden fence with a brown wooden crib with brown ghost like wise men who look lifeless gathered around an old, old and tired Mary and Joseph. The other scene is full of life and colour and cheer. It is the santa grotto.

I looked at it and pondered both scenes side by side. The one that is unmanned and is every shade of brown and lifeless is the one that should be the most vibrant and powerful, life giving and attractive.

I wondered whether the two scenes adequately portray the power and wonder of what Christmas is all about, that a pure Holy God would become a man and live amongst us to bring us life. Please join me and do something about the communication of the Christmas story with me and join with hundreds of churches up and down the country by being part of  It is so simple to do and shows something of the life and vibrancy of the birth of Jesus.

5 thoughts on “The nativity scene is drab, brown, lifeless. The santa scene is all HD colour, all singing all dancing.

  1. We are doing get in the picture on Sun 5th Dec in the Newbury Market Place! We will be doing church outside! Can’t wait!

  2. I rather like the Peterborough Naitivity – I don’t think its drab it shows the simple birth of Jesus – with a bright star shining above it. When it first made its appearence at few year ago it was a welcome change from the previous one. Which was awful and hidden away. This one is in the main area and I hope shows the humble Jesus opposite to the ‘Jingle Bell’ of the rest of the centre. I hope it makes people think.
    Miriam (resident of Peterborourgh)

  3. Thanks Miriam… I think I am being a bit harsh in my critique of the nativity scene and see your point in how it gives a good contrast to the lights and comercialism of Christmas. I am sure it will make people think!

  4. Getting in the picture in Kirby Muxloe on Dec 3rd and 4th – no room at the Inn, so using the pub car park. One of our Deacons is busy persuading all local shopkeepers to come and have a photo taken TOGETHER.
    Hoping it doesnt snow too much!

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