Use your daily soap

I meet with a couple of Church leaders once a month in our local town. We meet to talk, eat and pray. I always leave our meetings feeling much better than when I arrive. Great encouragement.

At our last meeting one of my pastor friends shared how he is taking his Church through reading the New Testament in a year. one chapter a day, Monday to Friday with the week-end to catch up. He copied an idea called ‘daily soap.’ I have now nicked it and follow the bible readings, and am loving it. You simply do this:

  1. S: Read the Scripture.
  2. O: write down any Observations.
  3. A: Apply what you read to your life.
  4. P: Pray!

It is a great take on the old practice of Lectio Devina. Taking a portion of scripture, meditating on it and asking God how you may apply it to your life.

One thought on “Daily soap

  1. Interesting. I’m currently reaching the end (hopefully!) of reading the whole Bible in a year, but a chapter a day of the NT sounds really interesting, and I think that the SOAP stuff will be much easier with the smaller portions.

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