Daily soap

Use your daily soap

I meet with a couple of Church leaders once a month in our local town. We meet to talk, eat and pray. I always leave our meetings feeling much better than when I arrive. Great encouragement.

At our last meeting one of my pastor friends shared how he is taking his Church through reading the New Testament in a year. one chapter a day, Monday to Friday with the week-end to catch up. He copied an idea called ‘daily soap.’ I have now nicked it and follow the bible readings, and am loving it. You simply do this:

  1. S: Read the Scripture.
  2. O: write down any Observations.
  3. A: Apply what you read to your life.
  4. P: Pray!

It is a great take on the old practice of Lectio Devina. Taking a portion of scripture, meditating on it and asking God how you may apply it to your life.

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  1. mrben says:

    Interesting. I’m currently reaching the end (hopefully!) of reading the whole Bible in a year, but a chapter a day of the NT sounds really interesting, and I think that the SOAP stuff will be much easier with the smaller portions.

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