Living the life, sharing the message

© Chris Duffett 2010

A noisy gong. Splat. Bash. An assault on the ears. When I utter without love, without life, without the Messiah words being part of me. Rescuing me, being my story of today. Not a bygone era one of once saved, but a today story of the arms outstretched, painfully wide and of me being embraced.

A drum type noise. Like the one when a toddler clangs a snare drum, denting the skin, ouch, it hurts to hear. This is the same when I am loveless and gospel words become mechanical, pitched, pattered, splattered like a good news gun without the goodness. Words without wonder, verses without a monkeys. Outlines of spiritual laws without a damn.

Living the life, first love life. Sharing the message flows, streams quenching dry mouths who enquire. Why do you have that smile, hope, shine, purpose, belief. Why oh why. Can I have some? Living the life, first love life where Jesus is adored and adored and adored and adored. This is when the message will visibly resound. Full. Luscious. Good.

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