I went out and about on the streets this morning with Baptist minister Phil Campion. He’s great, he is also my pastor and may read this, but even if he didn’t he really is a good man!

The purpose of our ‘hanging out’ was to be available to talk with people and listen as well. A lady joined us at our table outside a cafe and began to talk. She told us that her daughter will be in hospital next week for major surgery and she was grateful that we offered to pray for her and the family.

While we sat and talked I had a thought that we should venture over to the car wash and offer to pray for the people there, specifically for healing for a lower bad back.

We ventured in and I explained that I had heard from God that I should pray for someone with a painful lower back. It was somewhat awkward as no-one had back ache! We had a bit of a laugh about it and we sheepishly ventured off. As we were sneaking away from the car wash Phil received a phone call. So, I stood by the entrance and had the thought that I should look out from there and see who was the person God wanted me to pray for. Maybe I would spy them from the car wash.

I asked a guy carrying in a heavy gas canister into the next door restaurant if he had lower back problems but he said that he was just fine.

Then I saw a young man, cool skater rags and plenty of piercings. I felt that he was the guy I should pray for.

A few minutes later I approached him and explained that I had felt God say that I should walk to the car wash and pray for someone with lower back pain. I asked if he was ok, and to be honest because of his age and ‘coolness’ I expected him to say yep, all was AOK.

Yet he looked stunned and said that this was ‘remarkable’ as he had been to the chiropractor for lower back pain. I asked if I could pray for his back and he said ‘yes please,’ but later as he was late for college. Non the less Phil and I said a very quick ‘non eye closing- get on your knees kind’ of prayer and asked Jesus to heal him.

The guy looked kind of shocked and I reassured him that God knew about him and his discomfort.

What do you think of my story? Coincidence or God?

2 thoughts on “Word of knowledge about sore back.

  1. God!

    Tonight I went to two supermarkets to shop for a Welcome lunch that will be in our house on Sunday. And being quiet both check-out girls were really interested in why I had so much. So I told them! Then they asked asked which church I went to and why I would have a lunch in my home, which gave me a chance to say that it was all about making people feel welcome. This led nicely onto saying that we were have a “Big Welcome” Sunday! I love when God just nudges me to speak to people and I get a chance to stop and chat and maybe brighten up someone’s day! Let’s pray we all tune in and listen to God’s nudges and also let’s pray all the Big Welcomes go well!

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