It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m visiting a student who wants to train with the Chester team next year. I have travelled for a few hours and while feeling a bit travel weary I am excited about the possibilities of another student training with us on our community evangelism course.

After meeting Dave Bishop in MacDonald’s (what a guy!- dave not Ronald) we venture over to Sidley Baptist Church and meet student minister Kathy Lee (what a gal!) As we enter into the building I am surprised to see a dozen or so people of all ages sitting or lying in a room (one lady in a huge duvet type sleeping bag!) Gentle music plays in the background.

The atmosphere is peaceful, comforting and I feel that I want to be part of what’s going on. I have 20 minutes before meeting the new student and ask if i can join in. No words, nothing led. Just soaking in the presence. It is so good. It’s Thursday afternoon and there is nothing that I can think is better than to soak in the presence of God. Awesome.

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