A car boot full of Grace

St St initiatives are all about letting people who wouldn’t usually go to a Church service encounter something of the gospel and ‘get’ what it means to be a Christian. This is exactly what some of The Light Project team in Chester did recently.  

Imagine a course for people who are not Christians that concludes with a practical evangelistic project. (yes, you did read that correctly- a course for non-Christians that includes evangelism!) Glyn Jones the Director of The Light Project in Chester holds such a course for anyone to attend so that they too may experience and participate in the Christian faith. Over an 8 week period they visit places of prayer and worship, read and discuss the bible as well as design a project as to how they too may let others know about Jesus.

They decided to attend an early Sunday morning car boot sale where they would offer valuable possessions. They asked people from different Churches to donate gifts. Amidst the bric-a-brac they were given an ipod, silver objects, glasses and a painting. When people at the car boot asked about these the team told them that they were a gift and that they could have them with the proviso that they had to receive it freely. One man who asked how much the ipod was had the opportunity to simply take it on the condition that he could give nothing in return. He found this a tremendously difficult thing to do. A crowd gathered as people argued and declared how absurd the gesture was, others gratefully received the gifts on offer.

When people asked the team to explain what they were doing, they simply said that they were showing what the gift of Jesus from God was like and that there was only one way to receive it, freely and without condition.  Glyn told me that, ‘Some people were astounded, others tearful and others insulted. But many people got the gospel for the first time. It was as if I tried explaining what a lemon tasted like, but instead stopped using words and just simply gave a lemon for them to taste. It was the same as trying to explain grace, showing what an undeserved gift is like.’

What about getting along to a local Sunday morning car boot sale? Think of how you too may connect the good news of Jesus with those who haven’t got a clue. Let me know what you planning or what you have done with St St projects by posting stories on my blog, https://duffett.wordpress.com. Happy car booting!  

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