I’m thinking of getting some t-shirts made up that say ‘need a miracle?’ So many of us do and in hopeless situations it is only Jesus who can bring answers.

I took my children for a picnic yesterday and on our way we stopped at one of our neighbours houses to bid them farewell as they are moving from the village. With my heart racing I nervously offered to pray for healing for the man, who has an inoperable brain tumor. I said, ‘I would hate for you to move and for me to miss out praying for you and asking God to heal you.’ He accepted the offer, and there and then amidst the removal men and people walking around I laid my hand upon him and prayed for healing.

He seemed chuffed.

I am not sure what happened, but I am ‘hanging in there’ in faith that God will heal him and show His love to this precious family.

If we pray for no one, the result will be 100% no healings. If we step out in faith and pray for people, it is then that we will see people restored and healed.

What stories have you got of Jesus healing people?

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