Before leading some street outreach in Glasgow tonight I took some of the team from the mission School out for a bite to eat- we grabbed some spicey noodles and with my lips still burning we hurried back to meet up with the rest of the team at an event we were helping at.

Jason, one of the guys with me saw a lady walking with crutches and approached her and humbly asked if he could pray for her leg.

The lady agreed as she was having to have her leg amputated in two weeks time and didn’t really have anything to loose. After a few seconds of prayer the lady who was with her daughter began to cry and was astonished as she had felt the hands of Jason on her feet. This may not sound extrordinary; apart from the lady hadn’t had any feeling in her leg and foot for 4 years. Her daughter was astounded and phoned up love ones.

The lady was blown away. Truly. She asked what was happening. She asked how Jesus could do this.

I watched this all happen. The lady was crying. She began to have feeling in her leg. It was astounding..

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