I made up a serious of challenges for a group of 12 delegates at New Wine Scotland, ranging from setting up a ‘Putting competition’ to visiting a betting shop. These challenges were chosen at random, picked out of a hat so to speak, lotto drawn at chance.

Yet the two people who received the challenge ‘Visit the mind body and spirit shop and offer John’s gospel free of charge for customers and offer to pray’ where stunned at their challenge. You see they were staying for a week while at New Wine above the very shop I was sending them and they had prayed over a few days to do something practical to show God’s love. They had a ball in the shop talking of Jesus and getting to know the manager. It seems as if the mangers only contact with Christians had been a negative one where he had been shouted at.

But it was the couple who picked the challenge to visit the betting shop which really blew me away. They went to place a bet to see what it was like to do something alien in culture and without knowing the rules or regulations. However they did more. They began to talk with the regular punters and offered a word of prayer too, but not in a ‘close your eyes and hands together’ kind of way. Instead they wrote their prayers on a golf ball (we were in St Andrews after all) and offered them out like a keeps-sake prayer golf memento. One man asked if they would write ‘looser’ on a ball for him as he felt that he was a looser all the time, in his betting but more so in his life. They refused and instead wrote ‘winner.’ Two races later and two wins the man left the shop with a big smile.

The couple who were set the challenge to visit the local art exhibition went with some trepidation as to what they could do. They returned having spoken at length to some people about their faith but with the starting point being the pieces of art work they were looking at. The owners asked them to critique the paintings and invited them back!

I have been encouraged as to the amount of opportunities there are to talk about Jesus with those who haven’t been acquainted with him.

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