Picture the scene: Tescos and it’s megga busy and I’m trying to pack the bags while keeping my three children from trolley rage. In the maddness of stuffing an oversized box of All Bran (don’t ask) into an undersized mini Tesco bag I felt God say that I should pay for the shopping of the person next in the cue.

I take a little sneak look to see what the person is buying to make sure it’s not hundreds of pounds of a monthly shop. There’s only one item and it is a rather expensive looking bottle of wine.

I decide that the thought I had couldn’t possibly be from God at all (posh wine!?- surely not) and so I decided to ignore the urge.

Yet the thought came again… Buy the person the wine. It is now time to pay and I need to make a decision sharpish. I get a bit fidgety and stumble with my wallet to stall paying. Then I decide to do it- take a deep breath and simply ask. I turn to the elderly women in the cue behind me and say- ‘may I please buy your wine for you?’ The people around me at the check out stop everything and look. My eldest whispers an exasperated ‘dad’ and the Tescos lady looks at me and then back to the bewildered lady in the cue, then back to me.

I try and explain why I would want to buy her wine and what had just happened to me. I had just taken my family for lunch and when I had come to pay the bill, it had been paid for by a stranger- so I wanted to simply pass on some of the blessing. The lady smiled and agreed to my gesture and thanked. me. I then find myself saying, ‘this is a small gift to remind you that God loves you…’ It sounds cheesey as I say it yet my feeble words seem to connect with her and she smiles and thanks me again.

‘Why did you buy that lady a bottle of wine?’ My middle child asks. We saunter out of Tescos and I talk to my children about showing people Gods love.

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