Today I sent out 30 Christians to do a variety of things to do to meet people on the streets of St Andrews and to share something of their faith.

One team took trays of pastry’s and offered them out to shopkeepers and staff of shops and offered to pray for absolutely anything; their business, family or whatever!

The response was somewhat overwhelming. I had a hunch that such a simple gesture would work but to see a list of 20+ heart felt prayer requests after an hour just blew me away. What is it about the gesture that connects the message and prayer offer?

I ask this as too often the Christian message is presented as bad news, not through the words that are said but the way that these good news words come across.

The simple gesture of a free pastry expresses lavishness and ‘freeness’ and grace. The words are backed up and shown in action. This is vital in evangism. If so much of what we receive from others communication is much more than the words they speak such as their demeanor, body language and tone of voice, then how much will people ‘get’ if we show through our actions and words the message of Jesus?

Furthermore, Paul writes to the Corinthian church that they carry around in them the aroma of Christ. How much of what we say and do is also communicated by the very life of Jesus living in us? I think it is a whole lot more than we give credence to.

So, yes offer prayer and offer life giving words, but please remember that a pastry may make the whole idea of a stranger praying to the divine on their behalf somewhat more palatable.

What do you think?

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