He stood up in the middle of my seminar yesterday and spoke with a thick Scottish accent and in a loud voice and said, ‘scuse me sonny.’ The 200 people in my seminar fixed their eyes on this man.

I prepared myself to be shouted at or told how wrong I was or worse. You see he stood up after I had proclaimed that evangelism is much much more than proclamation and that some fellow evangelists disagree with me and say that words only evangelism is true evangelism. To top it all I had made a joke saying that some people get their bows and arrows ready when I say this.

So, up stood this elderly gent wearing a very scary Christmassy Christian jumper. For some very strange reason I invited him to the front to stand with me and take the microphone. He found it hard to get his words out and couldn’t quite communicate what was the gist of the deep thoughts on his heart and for a moment as he stammered and struggled to speak it was quite awkward. Then… He said that unless we speak and show to others in a way they can understand than we are wasting our time. Simple.

He returned to his seat and I declared, ‘ladies and gentlemen the seminar is over as this man has summed up everything I am seeking to say today.’

Of course I carried on until the end of the allotted time, but the man with the scary jumper did summarise all we need for communicating the message of Jesus. You see, good news needs to be understood as good news otherwise it is no news which is bad news.

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