I thought if 10 out of the 200 people who came along to my seminar yesterday ventured onto the streets today with me to do the application then that would be just brilliant…

10 turned up (Wahoooo) willing to have a go, including my friend Aleen who had heard of a guy who uses chalk on the pavement to talk with others and ask God to turn up by his Spirit to heal and bring life… I so happened to bring chalk with me to St Andrews for some street outreach but didn’t know what to do with it!

I sent five pairs of people into St Andrews to meet people and share the gospel with gifts of golf balls and golf tees, free hugs, balloons and a VIP bench, and also the crazy idea of using a piece of chalk.

Aleen went off with a volunteer and started to draw pictures and then started to draw stars, like the ones you see on the pavement in Hollywood. Only these she called destiny stars and she welcomed people to step on them where she then wrote their name and spoke words that God gave her for them… It connected well with people and many listened and responded well. So simple yet it worked so well.

A piece of 2p chalk brought treasure of direction and much valued comfort to many people who dared to venture onto a star drawn on the pavement.

One thought on “2p piece of chalk used to bring treasure to many…

  1. I’m loving the insights into my beloved St Andrews, Chris! You’ve made me so glad I’m coming back up on Sunday. I trust Clan is going well – sounds like you’re doing some exciting stuff.

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