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Last Sunday morning was a bit of a laugh… great fun. Hang on, I was doing street evangelism… should it have bene fun and a laugh?! Well, it was. I think we should just get over it, letting people into the news of the most amazing person that has ever and will ever live is…fun, exhilarating, vital, challenging, nail-bittingly nerve-racking, exhilarating and fun.

So this is what we did, we took a maze out into the city centre of Peterborough and challenged people to find the treasure in the middle. The treasure was a copy of the gospel of Mark and some sweets too for the children who took part. I had many conversations about God, and people appreciated what we did and described it in ways like: ‘novel’ (!) ‘up to date in letting people know about Jesus’ ‘fun way of learning about God.’ I must admit, the crazy maze did all the hard work, people just came up and said, ‘what are you doing?’ or ‘why have you got a huge maze in the middle of the street for?’

4 thoughts on “The big green a-maze-ing thing

  1. I must admit that even though I was confident doing the maze whiel setting up I was rather nervous… I wrote this for the Baptist Times recently:

    It’s Sunday morning and I feel a bit of a plonker. I mean, really, would a huge very green maze in the middle of the busiest shopping street in Peterborough help me and my volunteers bring good news? As I gaze over the mass of paths I really do wonder if people will take part. I usually have ‘evangelly enthusiasm’ for most things so my worry worries me! I begin to think, ‘will people get it?’ And then it dawns on me that it is a big ask to invite members of the public to shed their shoes and gingerly pick their way in their socks through a huge maze to the treasure in the middle. Furthermore, if people do happen to want to do this crazy maze would they be happy with the treasure? Would people want to talk? And then I remember the teaching workshops that I have recently done at youth events and evangelism teams at summer conferences. ‘The way in which the message is demonstrated is as important as the message itself.’ With the big green thing in front of me I wonder whether it will match the message that I seek to bring.

    Fast forward 4 hours and I feel chuffed to bits, albeit slightly ‘peopled out’ after non-stop conversation after conversation with over 90 people who took the challenge to walk the maze to find treasure in the middle. It worked. People asked why there was a maze in the middle of the city and what the point of it was. It was fun and in the midst of the laughs and mini competitions to see who could find the way to the middle the quickest most people were happy to hear about why finding a copy of Mark’s gospel, contained treasure. Yet above the gimmicky means to communicate something of the good news of Jesus the maze brought a perfect excuse of a contact point to listen and pray and get to know people. The maze to the treasure had brought a wealth of people in which we could show and tell good news. I guess even the foolish things in God’s hands can work a treat.

  2. Hi! Great idea and something I’d love to do here in South East London. Did you make the big green sheet or buy it? if you bought it, where did you get it from? Many thanks for the inspiration!

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