Keep it simple, stupid. Why oh why do I have to overcomplicate the good news and how to share it? Too often I struggle and worry to think how to connect ‘it’ with others when all I need to do is well, simply do something. I often look at crowded platforms or busy cafe’s and think, I would love to let someone know something of the good news, to then become somewhat paralysed as I think how. Last night got me thinking about this… I ummed and arrrhed over what bottle of water to buy at Kings Cross station after a long day of great meetings and then waiting for the next train home. In the end I bought two from WH Smith’s for £2, a promo offer, with the hope that I would simply give one away. And that is what I did. I went up to a bloke and said, ‘would you like a bottle of water, I bought two on offer but only want one.’ The man was so surprised by the gesture that he shook my hand and (rather worryingly) for a moment didn’t let go… but it was OK, he wasn’t after anything else, he just seemed to be blessed and so I spoke some kind words of God’s love for him. Simple.

Have you any stories of simply letting people know something of what it means to be a Christian?


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