On Sunday I launched the first ‘Taste’ cafe and no one turned up. But, that’s OK, I’m going to persevere and keep inviting people and getting the word out there. ‘Taste’ takes place on the second floor of St Neots, an amazing venue and the manager and staff have been so welcoming. Incredible in fact. Even though no one came I still met loads of people who liked the idea and over time may venture in and hang out with us and talk.

The team of 5 volunteers from one of the local Churches, ‘St Neots Evangelical Church’ were brilliant in inviting people. They went out and about and chatted with people so naturally and were very friendly.

The next Taste is in September and the hope will be to run them once a month from 4 on a Sunday afternoon. The tag line is ‘check out Christianity.’ And the hope is that it will be a welcoming space for conversation, spiritual exploration, life changing stories, fun and great coffee.

Watch this space to see what happens. Will people actually want to come to such a place?

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