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Welcome to my blog…


It really is a right old mish-mash of stuff on here, my art, poetry, writing, some adventures and what I do in my day to day ministry as an evangelist. I live near Cambridge with wife Ruth and our 3 young-ish children.

So, what do I do? Well, my passion is evangelism and art. I am also a Baptist minister and founder of The Light Project, a growing network of people who exist to reveal Jesus and train others in theology and evangelism.

I have served as President of the Baptist Union 2012- 2013 where I encouraged as many churches as possible to be Big Hearted enough to reach out to those around them with the good news of Jesus.I work for The Light Project full time and this involves serving as the city centre chaplainIMG_2835 in Peterborough, a mission enabler for some Churches, co-running lighthouse café and I am also involved in our local church in Cambourne.

I love to reach out to people from all walks of life, I believe that the message of Jesus is relevant today to transform peoples lives like he has changed mine. I believe that it is only through Jesus that we may find true peace with God.


Here’s a taster of what I do filmed by Stewardship services and their 40 Acts of Generosity a few years ago!